The Weighted Blanket

The weighted blanket is here.

You know, when I first heard about the weighted blanket, all I could think about was having my 50 pound dog fall asleep on top of me and the overwhelming desire I had to get him off of me.   This Is something I should have thought about making? Did I lose yet another opportunity for fame and fortune? Let’s just have a look and see what they are all about.

Apparently Occupational Therapists have been using Weighted Blankets for some time for therapy  in their offices. It relieves stress and anxiety.

Somehow I can’t get the picture of being at the Dentist’s office and having one of those heavy covers placed on top of me while they take x-rays of my teeth. I never really found that to be a relief for the stress and anxiety I felt at that moment.

Another thing, I have made quilts for years and never once thought about putting a weighted material in between the layers of fabric. Thus, another lost opportunity.

What is a Weighted Blanket used for

But today, more and more people are adding these weighted blankets to their homes.  Usually one for each member of the household.

They are great for adults but they are also great for children who suffer from ADD, ADHD,  Autism and seizures.  The blankets cover them and give them a secure feeling, much like being hugged.  Click pictures to view on line.  Quility, Amazon’s best .

How does a weighted blanket work?

You place a weighted blanket over you when you go to bed.  The weight of the blanket surrounds you giving you the feeling of comfort and  calm.  The feeling is described as being hugged.

At the end of a long day, adults can find relief from stress and anxiety and find it easier to fall asleep.  Both adults and children can benefit by using these blankets to relieve stress and anxiety and  gaining a feeling of calm.

“Many people like the feeling of pressure against their body and do find this pressure to be quite relaxing,” said Lynelle Schneeberg, a sleep psychologist who is also a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.


Relax Eden.  Five out of 5 stars.  Click on photo to view on line and to buy.

There has not been a great deal of research done on the weighted blanket, but it is believed that they provide a deep pressure which releases serotonin.  This hormone controls mood and leads to decreased anxiety and a calm feeling.  As a result you fall asleep much faster and stay sleeping longer.

By giving you a secure feeling, as though you are being hugged, you tend to be relaxed and have a sense of calm as you fall asleep.

What makes the blanket heavy?

There are several fillers that are used to fill the baffles of the weighted blanket.  Some of these are sand, plastic pellets, rice, and glass beads.

What Researches have to say about the weighted blanket

From WebMD,   research:

In one study funded by the blanket makers, Swedish researchers found that 31 men and women with moderate insomnia who used the blankets for 2 weeks reported a calmer night’s sleep with fewer movements.
They believe the blankets helped them sleep more comfortably and securely, and they had higher-quality sleep.Researchers have looked at how the blankets affect mental health patients.
A study from 2015 found that after 32 adults used a 30-pound blanket, 63% reported lower anxiety and 78% preferred the weighted blanket to calm down. 
Weighted blankets offer deep pressure stimulation, a form of touch pressure that feels like a firm hug, a massage, or swaddling.
While research on weighted blankets is sparse, deep pressure stimulation has been found to calm adults and children with anxiety, autism, and attention difficulties, researchers say.

How Heavy is a weighted blanket?

First, the weighted blanket is not intended to cover the top and sides of the bed as regular comforters do.  It is intended to cover only the top of the bed.

How heavy the weighted blanket is depends on the weight of the person using it.   It is indicated that the weight should be 10% of  body weight.  This is not written in stone and could easily be 1 or 2 pounds lighter or heavier.

Of course, if you want the blanket for a child you should go by their current weight.  Don’t buy it heavier thinking that he or she will grow into it.

Where can I buy a Weighted Blanket

The Warm Hug blanket below is  reasonably priced and also has 5 out of 5 stars.  Tap  or click to view on line or to purchase.

If you  think you could use this during the day for a calming effect and to help stay focused, you might consider a smaller size that would wrap around your shoulders.

NOTE:  Do not use the weighted blankets on infants or toddlers under 3 years of age.

Are weighted blankets washable

The blankets are also available in many different fabrics.  Adult blankets are more likely to be made of flannel or heavy cotton.  Some have removable covers which makes it easy to wash.  Others are safe for the washer and dryer.

However, I would think that putting them through the wash would greatly reduce the life span.  I suggest that if you find the right blanket and it comes without a removable cover, you also get a duvet cover to use that you can wash.

Check out this one.  Another 5 star rating.

Wrap it up

I did go and purchase a weighted blanket just because I wanted to see if it really works.  It took like 2 days to get used to it, but then it was smooth sailing.

Let me tell you, this blanket along with my Tempur-pedic pillow,  it’s nitey nite, lights out.  Sleep the way it should be, and all night long.  I must tell you that because I am small, at 100 lbs., The Quility 10lb blanket is perfect.

In my opinion any of the weighted blankets in this review would more than adequately do the job they are intended to do, I just prefer the Quility.

If you have any questions or comments, please post below.

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