The best neck support pillow

You know how it is, at least if you are like me. You find something you really like and that is it. Well, for me, that would be my Tempur-pedic pillow. It is the best neck support pillow I have ever used.

The take it everywhere pillow

My sister had one of these pillows quite a while ago and when she traveled she made sure to always  save room in her suitcase for her pillow. Personally, I thought she was a little nuts.

When my neck and shoulders started bothering me and the pain was pretty bad just turning my head, I thought I would ask her about her pillow. She let me try it when we were on a trip together. I was still skeptical about this pillow thing but I tried it one night. Honestly, I was so completely surprised. I woke up with no stiff neck, no shoulder pain or head pain. I bought my Tempur-pedic pillow as soon as I returned home. I have not slept without it since.

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The Pillow

This pillow has an ergonomic design and it is contoured to follow the natural curve of your body, properly supporting your head, neck, and shoulders, while allowing the neck and shoulder muscles to relax. It is made with firmer TEMPUR® Material.   Click on the picture below to view on line at Bed Bath and Beyond

Tempur-pedic pillow

You know that pain you have in your neck when you turn your head driving, or look up to see something. My pain would also be in my shoulders and just below my neck. I never thought it was from using the wrong pillow, or even from using too many pillows. But I will tell you, once I used the Tempur-pedic pillow, those days were gone.  In my opinion, this is the best pillow I have found.

I don’t travel without it

I don’t travel without it. I was stuck in Houston at the airport overnight. My boyfriend could not get to sleep. I pulled my pillow out of my carry on (I would never check it and trust the airline to get it to me safe and sound), I laid down on the floor with my pillow and I was fast asleep in minutes.

Needless to say, my boyfriend was quite jealous as he sat in one of those uncomfortable chairs trying to get some sleep for at least 4 hours.

Side or back sleeper

I will say that I am a back sleeper. I always sleep on my back and with this pillow, I don’t move much while sleeping. This pillow supports the neck, the head and shoulders. I used to wake up with headaches, stiff necks, and sore shoulders. No more. I wake up feeling the way I used to. No aches, no pains and I owe it all to my Tempur-pedic pillow. It truly is a miracle worker.

Sometimes I prop myself up in bed, or just lie down on the bed with all my decorative pillows still on it. If I happen to fall asleep like this, sure enough my neck hurts when I wake up. It happens every time and I can’t believe I still do this to myself. Of course, I get up, remove all the pillows except one, of course. By morning, my neck is fine.

That’s It

I have tried other pillows, even other Tempur-pedic pillows but I don’t get the same support for neck and shoulders. I just feel my spine align correctly starting at my head and going down to my feet when I sleep on the Tempur-pedic pillow.

If you have any questions or comments, please utilize the space below.  Thanks for looking.

Medium Pillow Below

You can’t go wrong with this pillow.

6 Replies to “The best neck support pillow”

  1. Hi Sharen:

    I have been contemplating buying a pillow that would ultimately solve the discomfort I have with pillows in general. You and your sister swear by this pillow and I would like to take your word for it and get one. The price would initially be a factor, but I’m sure would be worth it.

    This is something to consider.

    Thank you for sharing.


    1. I guarantee you will love this pillow.  I can’t say enough about it.  Its been 12 years now, and I know I will not give it up for anything.  You can’t go wrong.  (How many pillows will you buy in the amount of time?) Happy pillowing!

  2. That is a really great Review!  My son has one of those pillows and takes it everywhere with him too…  even in his suitcase too!

    I am thinking about buying one or myself for Christmas.  I have a lot of neck and shoulder pain.  Do you have any that are good for side sleepers?

    I will keep checking back to your site for awesome reviews!


    1. Of course, sleeping on your back is best, especially for neck and shoulder pain and this pillow is so perfect for that.  If you do get one, choose the correct size.  they are available in small and medium.  Each pillow has two sides and one is higher than the other.  If you sleep on your back, the lower side should work, and if a side sleeper, the higher side will better keep your spine aligned. try measuring the proper height for back sleeping by placing rolled up towels under your neck until the height feels best.  Then measure from bed to top of towel.  Do the same on your side.   This will help you select the pillow that is right for you.  You may be able to sleep on you back if you were to use one of these pillows.  I suggest borrowing your son’s pillow for a night (if he will give it up) just to take it for a test drive.  Best of luck, I hope you get rid of your discomfort in your neck and shoulders.

  3. I’ve only had the luck to sleep on one of these neck pillows a few times, but every time was magical! Your post makes me wonder why I haven’t purchased one for myself yet! I like to start on my back and usually end up turning onto my side sometime during the night. You mentioned that you sleep mostly on your back, but I’m wondering if you find this pillow comfortable if you do turn onto your side? Thanks!

    1. I do turn on my side sometimes, but I think if you have one of these pillows you would turn over less.  The most important factor is comfort, of course.  If you look at the pillow, you will see that one side is higher than the other.  If you used the lower side for back sleeping and the higher for side sleeping, you could find that this works great.  What you want to do is keep your spine aligned correctly.  When you sleep on your side you need to have your head elevated a little more.  You really should try one.  

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