The #2 Best Air Travel Pillow

The #2 Best Air Travel Pillow

The J-Pillow Air Travel Pillow plus a carry bag is the British Invention of the year, 2019. version with Increased 3D support for head, chin and neck in any sitting position.  There are over 100 travel pillows on Amazon alone. They come in  many shapes, sizes, fabrics and fillings. I chose two pillows that are two of the best air travel pillows, the best rated travel pillows,  and the most popular ones on Amazon. Each one has over 13 thousand reviews written about them. And we know that the number of reviews written is far less than the actual number of any item sold.

This is the second of what I believe to be the the two best-selling travel pillows on

4.1 rating out of 13,317 reviews

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JPillow best air travel pilow

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    • Winner of the prestigious British Invention of the Year.
    • Travel Pillow — Ingenious chin support keeps head from falling forward, provides neck support by filling gap between head and shoulders making it the best patented travel support pillow for travel and home.
    • The design is perfect for full support while sleeping upright without getting a stiff neck, making it perfect for Airplane flights, cars, bus ride, trains, camp.
    • At Home – Crafted for relaxing the head and neck muscles when watching TV or reading. It stabilizes the head and supports it in an upright position.
    • Attaches to luggage and is machine washable.

j pillow best air travel pillow

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Product description found in:

The SUN ( most popular newspaper in the UK ) “it’s simple, it’s brilliant, and it works!”

The INDEPENDENT “this comfy pillow….provides support for the neck and chin, as well as cushioning for the side and back of the head.”

USA TODAY “The curvy part of the “J” curls under your chin, cradling and supporting your neck and chin, preventing you from snapping awake”

DAILY MAIL “A product that would make those red-eye flights more comfortable”

VIRGIN ATLANTIC “With the J-Pillow, your chin, neck, back of head and side of head are all comfortably supported”

LA TIMES “On a recent flight, it kept me from bonking my head on the plane window; when I switched to the right side, it kept me from becoming too familiar with my neighbor.”

EKSTRA BLADET (Most popular newspaper in Denmark) “Here is a travel pillow that actually works”

VELVETSCAPE “On my first flight with the J-Pillow, I slept for seven hours straight without waking up once! That was a whole new experience for me!”

Reviews on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 19, 2017

Color: NavyVerified Purchase

I’ve just been on the longest trip in the world, New Zealand. The pillow was really good, no more bad necks through having my neck at a bad angle. It even stopped me from having my mouth wide open which often happens when sleeping on a plane. The only downside is that it is very bulky,but due to the design I don’t suppose that can be helped. All in all I would definitely recommend the J pillow.

5.0 out of 5 stars Love my J Pillow

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on November 29, 2016

Color: NavyVerified Purchase

I’ve tried various travel pillows over last few years, as I am disabled and have decided to do and see as much of the world as I can. One form of transport ice always avoided is long distance coach travel. However, a group of close friends decided to tour France Belgium and Germany. I took the plunge but was determined to find the best pillow I could. I certainly did with the J Pillow. It supports head, neck and jaw while sitting in a more comfortable position instead of twisting or leaning on your neighbor. I enjoyed my long over land trip, and my J Pillow is off to Hong Kong, Vietnam Cambodia Thailand and Singapore. I also had to stop my husband pinching it on a recent trip flying to Canada. Love it.

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