The #1 Best Air Travel Pillow

#1 Best Air Travel Pillow 

The Trtl Pillow

The Trtl Pillow has been strategically designed to prevent a stiff neck while trying to sleep when travelling. The Trtl Pillow stops the need for you to lean against the airplane for head support, when you want to sleep.

The number of travel pillows available on the market today is absolutely incredible. There are over 100 on Amazon alone. They come in many shapes, sizes, fabrics, and fillings.

If you’re looking for a head support for air travel, which is also portable, lightweight and machine washable; we think the Trtl Pillow could be perfect for you. It’s also compatible with your favorite sleep mask, ear plugs and headphones.

I chose two pillows that are two of the best selling and most popular on Amazon.  Each This pillow has over 13 thousand reviews written about it on Amazon.

trtl pillow best travel pillow

The Trtl Pillow  

– Scientifically Proven Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow – Machine Washable (Grey)

4.1 out of 5 stars   17,468 ratings

  • Over 1,000,000 Trtl Travel Pillows Sold
  • Scientifically proven travel pillow to keep your head in a better position when sleeping upright by holding your head in an ergonomic position during rest.
  • soft fleece combined with a unique hidden internal SUPPORT, plus some cushioning creates a comfortable resting place for your head and neck.
  • Designed to look like a SCARF, the Trtl Pillow can be easily adjusted to your comfort.
  • easy to attach to the handle of your backpack or outside of your luggage, and weighs only ½ lb.
  • The Trtl Pillow is machine WASHABLE!  Click on the picture below to view online and to purchase.

The #1 best air travel pillow

Click on the above image to view online and to purchase

The Trtl Pillow is the Travel Pillow reinvented.

  • The Trtl Pillow has been designed to prevent a stiff neck while trying to sleep upright.
  • You don’t have to lean against anything for support while sitting upright to sleep.
  • The Trtl Pillow allows you to sleep comfortably while it supports your head and neck.

As you probably know, the problem with the U shaped pillows is that your head tends to fall forward causing you to end up with a stiff neck. The Trtl pillow is more like a scarf that has an internal support system built into it. The brace effect is created by the internal support system which fits between your face and shoulder, which supports your head and neck in a neutral position.trtl support

If you’re looking for a travel pillow that supports your head, is portable, lightweight and machine washable; this could be the right one for you.

trtl pillow 2

 The #2 Best Air Travel Pillow, reviewed  here

Reviews on Amazon

4.1 out of 5 stars 17,470 Ratings

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on January 6, 2018

Color: Black   Adult Verified Purchase

Amazing pillow! I wish I had known about three ago as it would have been perfect for so many occasions. I was a bit unsure about how the internal plastic support structure would feel but it is very comfortable. I have already bought 2 of these and will definitely be buying more especially as gifts as I know a lot of people that would love this! I use it all the time and take it everywhere with me.

3.0 out of 5 stars Average.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 12, 2018

Color: Grey   Adult Verified Purchase

This is one of the more comfortable travel pillows I have used, however, I find it quite cumbersome to “install”. You can certainly not wear this as a scarf and the headrest needs to be in the exact right position for it to be comfortable enough. If you do not fit it properly, you feel like you are strangling yourself. Overall quite soft and once put in place it is okay. A bit too expensive for what it is though in my opinion.

5.0 out of 5 stars Best on-flight sleep!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 30, 2018

Color: Black  Adult Verified Purchase

So I’m pretty sure I looked quite stupid wearing this but who cares! I just did an 11hr flight and this pillow was awesome. Other reviews mention it not being comfy in terms of being able to feel the structure beneath, which was a concern but actually in practice this wasn’t the case at all. I think there’s enough padding and material to make it comfortable, although it may not seem like it. It does take a few goes to find your sweet spot and it’s all about how well you wrap it around your neck but it’s Seriously better than any standard pillow. Upright and comfy – I actually got some decent sleep.

To check out the second best selling travel pillow on Amazon, click  here

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