My Decorative Christmas Pillows Story

It was a day just like every other day but different…

Throw pillows and Christmas stuff everywhere

We were all getting the Christmas decorations, ornaments, lights, wreaths, Santas and snowmen from the attic to start the annual ritual of decorating for the holidays.  The outside lights would be strung by someone other than myself.  I preferred to perform my tasks while indoors where I would be nice and warm.

Most of the decorations and wrapping papers were strewn about on the sofa.  I glanced in that direction and for a brief moment in my peripheral vision, I saw an assortment of what looked like decorative pillows on the sofa where the Christmas decorations were.

Then just as suddenly the reality of what was really on the sofa  came back into focus.  I was just a kid, barely 13 but I knew what I had seen.  I thought that my sofa looked so festive and fun.  So much so that  I set about finding anything I could that looked to me like Christmas. It also had to be something I could make a pillow out of, like the ones I had seen in my ‘vision’.

I had started sewing at a young age, and lucky for me my mother was a very good seamstress.  She had bunches of fabric from projects she had completed and some not yet started.  I rummaged through her boxes and bags and surfaced with about 4 fabrics that I believed would make lovely decorative Christmas pillows for our living room sofa.  I set about creating my family’s new Christmas theme Throw Pillows.  I was barely missed during the decorating festivities.

4 New Christmas themed throw pillows

I had so much fun, even thought I did not know exactly what I was doing.  Okay, how hard can it be, Right.  I had before me a green and red plaid silk fabric that looked very elegant.  There was only a small sample, so that would be a very small pillow.  I had some red flannel that surely was somebody’s pajamas.

Apples and holly seemed to have a festive feel.  Then I  found a green fabric that appeared to have sparkling diamonds all over.  That pillow was my favorite.  I attached a green sequin Christmas tree on the front just for fun.  I was very proud of my masterpieces.  Everyone loved the way they transformed the entire living room and made it just a little bit magical.

Some things find their way back into your life

I must say, I did not think about decorative pillows for a long time after that, but I suppose that Christmas was just pushed to the back of my mind.  I am not sure why, but lately I have been thinking that everyone should have the magic of their own great decorative Christmas pillows to celebrate the holidays at home.  You can see my first 4 pillows here.  Okay but remember I was only 13 when I made them, and no they are not for sale!

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My Choices for Christmas Pillows 

I have found some Christmas pillows I think you will love.  You don’t need to be a designer, you simply choose the ones that make  you feel good.  At Christmas these pillows should go with just about anything you have.  Click on the picture to view online and to purchase.



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