Deciding to use Decorative Pillow Sets

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Deciding to use Decorative Pillow Sets

When deciding on the color palette and designs for your pillows you would like, you may decide to use decorative pillow sets to make selection easier.  Determine how many  pillows or pillow covers you would like to have, take a look around your room for something that you can base your color palette on. If there is no wall art or wall hangings to get inspiration from, consider looking at some pictures of wall art on line or in magazines and be inspired by them.

Look around your house for colorful items or photos that you like.  Even your favorite clothes could inspire you. You may already know what colors you would like to see in your space because your favorite restaurant uses them in their decor. This decision is all yours.

Once you have your colors chosen, I would suggest using one solid color, one vibrant print, and one geometric design for the pillows. You can have more than 1 pillow with each of the covers. For instance, you would place one solid, large pillow on each end of the sofa, with one smaller geometric and vibrant pattern in the middle. Your colors should complement each other and add interest and design to the room.  Here are some examples of pillow sets.  Keep in mind, these are covers only.  You will need the pillow form too.

This is a set of 4 cozy corduroy pillow covers. They come in many different colors.  They are quite versatile and can be used with a variety of other pillows.  They are $22.99  Click the picture to view online

To make this process a little simpler, some pillow sets are available that have different designs on each,  in different  color palettes. This is extremely helpful when you are having a hard time with all the different choices that are available. Consider these sets for color and designs for a no-fail solution.   All are available in different sizes.  COVERS ONLY

Set of 6,  100% cotton Click the photo to view online  $39.99

Plaid Polyester Decorative Pillow Covers |Throw Pillow Covers  17″X 17″
Available in 6 colors.  Set of 4.  Click to view online  $25.99

cushion covers are made of great quality cotton linen fabric, natural eco-friendly materials. 10 colors available.  Also mix and match with solids and checked coordinating colors.  Set of 6. Click to view online  $24.99

Set of 4 pillows.  100% Cotton Black  and White Geometric and Faux Leather
Available in 3 sizes.  Click picture to view online  $39.95

Set of 2 Jacquard Tropical Leaf Pattern Throw Pillow Covers, 20″ x 20″.  Click picture to view online  $23.99

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