Covers for Full Body Pillows

Full body pillow Covers

More and more people say that they can’t find pillow cases for their full body pillows. The ones that are 54 inches long and 20 inches wide. It is pretty frustrating when you invest in a specialty pillow and then you can’t even buy a new cover for it at the store where you purchased.

I am here to tell you that they do exist, and they come in many colors and prints. If you were feeling particularly creative, you could make your own cover. After all, it is just 1 long piece of fabric folded in half sewn together.

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One really nice full body pillow before we get to covers

Cosybay ultra luxury large body pillow. This is an excellent full body pillow with a bamboo cover that is removable and washable. Made of memory foam.   Click the picture to view on line and to order.

You can of course buy the perfect covers here

BIOWEAVES 100% Organic Cotton Body Pillow Cover,  300 Thread Count Soft Sateen Weave

Reafort ultra soft Sherpa Body Pillow Cover/Case with Zipper Closure.

Taoson 100% Cotton 300 Thread Count Body Pillow Cover Many colors.

MoonRest   Body Pillow Pillowcase Luxury High Count Thread with Hidden Zipper -%100 Cotton

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