About Pillows and Me

Welcome to The Pillow Marketplace where you will be able to find the decorative pillow covers,  throw or designer pillows of your dreams.  I intend to help you find the perfect accent pillows to make your living space just right.  If  you look around your home and feel that something is missing, or that it just does not have that designer look you were going for, perhaps it is time you look into Decorative pillows and pillow covers.  These little items can be used everywhere.  They are the icing on the cake, or the jewelry that completes the outfit.   Decorative  pillow covers provide the final touch you need to make your space speak, to standout and reflect your personality.  My intention is to give you suggestions of perfect  pillows and let you decide what  works for you.

I also will be locating and bringing information to you regarding specialty pillows.  The kind that make you feel better, whether its your head, neck, legs or feet that need attention.  Heck lets just go with the whole body, since there are pillows for that too.

I will shed some light and share with you my findings so I hope you come back.

Why Me

A nerd, yes I am.  But, I am a very creative nerd.  I have spent many years helping people with their computers. Far cry from pillows, I know. But, you see I went into customers homes and spent time with them while working on their computers. By doing this, sometimes the subject would come up regarding accent curtains, draperies, and yes, decorative pillows. I would suggest a type of fabric, color or pattern that I thought would be perfect. In some cases, I would even offer to create custom pillows for them. They loved them, and me for going above and beyond.  I have tons of DIY projects under my belt as well, and when the time is right, these too will be shared.

I am here to help you find your ideal pillow

There was a good feeling that came from creating custom pillows and I would like to continue to do the same for others. Since I no longer am in the computer repair business (except for family and friends) I would still love to be able to offer ideas for the perfect decorator pillows to those of you in the market for home improvement by using throw pillows.

I will make available pillows of all sizes and shapes and prices for you to check out. Hopefully you will find the pillows that speak to you.

The future

I hope to offer many suggestions for color, size, fabric and design of  decorative pillows  and pillow covers for your home. Eventually, I would like to offer to make custom pillows as well, but that idea is still in the future.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

I also look forward to expanding into the specialty pillow market, because everyone deserves the comfort and to feel the best that they can.

All the best,


The Pillow Marketplace