A Quillow is a quilt pillow!

A Quillow is for all ages               

A Quillow is a quilt pillow!  If you have not heard of a quillow, let me tell you it is quite wonderful. It is simply a quilt that will fold into itself and become a pillow. You can use this pillow anywhere in your home as a throw pillow.

I like to have it on the sofa, so that when I become chilly, I can simply open it up to reveal a quilt.  When it is open it is a nice, warm quilt, that has a pocket for you to put your feet in and keep the quilt in place.



Imagine you are on a trip with kids in the car, each child can have their own “pillow.” When you get to your destination, they open up the pillow and now they will each have their own quilt to pull up over themselves while watching TV, or going to sleep. Of course, if they fall asleep in the car, they can also use it as a blanket.

It is very versatile, and can be made easily. I first heard about Quillows when I was at a fabric store. I was in line behind a woman who was purchasing fabric. The clerk asked her what she was making and she replied “a Quillow” Having made many quilts myself, I had to ask what is a Quillow. I was surprised at the answer, which was “a quilt that folds into itself and becomes a pillow.” I was also surprised that I had never heard of this item before that moment.

I set about making a Quillow of my own

I was intrigued. I had made many quilts in the past, I had even made quilted pillows and  pillow cases to put the quilts in, once folded. Why had I never thought of this, let alone even heard of this before. So, I set about researching Quillows, then set about making some Quillows of my own.

They are so very cool. If you like quilts, and I happen to love quilts. The first Quillow I made I gave to my niece who had a couple of kids. She loved it. I continued to make a few more. I even kept one for myself, which is something I seldom do. Here is a picture of a Quillow that I made. The pillow

itself is 14″ x 14″, while the quilt unfolds to be 48″ by 88″ open.

The pictures show the quillow as a pillow.


Then as you start to unfold the quilt from the pillow it has been inside of.

until finally, the quilt emerges in all of its glory.

Use it as a travel pillow

This pillow could easily be taken with you when you travel.  It should fit very nicely in your suitcase or backpack.  You would use it on the airplane in either capacity.  A pillow to lean against the window, or as a blanket if you get chilly.  It is very functional.  Here are a few quillows available from Amazon.  These are handmade by the Amish and are surely beautiful works of art. Click on any of the links to view on line and to purchase.

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You can actually turn any quilt or blanket into a Quillow very easily. I am working on diy instructions for you to do just that.

It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort, but some sewing is required. You won’t be making a quilt, or anything like that, just the pillow pocket piece that will be attached to the blanket you already have.

Let me know what you think of this idea and whether you would have a use for it. Just leave your comment below. I will respond to each. Thanks.





6 Replies to “A Quillow is a quilt pillow!”

  1. I love quillow. My grandma made them all the time and it has the right firmness for the head while the cotton fabric keeps you cool during the hot summer months. Grandma was illiterate but she can surely compose nice designs from all the patchwork. Most of her quilt work still survives to this day, taking small corners at different family homes. 

    1. Cathy, That is what I love about quilts and quillows, they stand the test of time and can be passes on from generation to generation. Thank you for your kind words and memories of your grandma. I am sure she was as lovely as the quilts she made.
      Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

  2. Wow, that’s a great achievement of yours! Sometimes, we have creativity in us that needs to be uncovered and you just did that. My mother is also good at making both quilt and pillows and this idea of yours making pillows out of quilt would seem to resonate with her. I will share this article to her to inspire her again to pursue her passion in making quilts. And this time, making quilt out of pillows. Small-sized pillows that can be used in traveling and in watching TV. Thanks for this great and inspiring article!

    1. Gomer – Thank you for your kind words, and I am glad to have sparked a memory of your mother’s quilts. If you or she has any questions, please send them along.

  3. We have one of these in our RV and we love it! Our boxer also loves it for resting his head or covering him up on really cold days. What was the process that you used to create your own quillow? How much material did you start with and what tools/instruments did you need to get it done? 

    1. Thank for taking the time to read my post.  Once you have the blanket, or in this case, my hand made quilt, you need only attach a square to the backside of the blanket.  Once you determine the size square you would need to fit the blanket.  (Fold blank in thirds then thirds again.  The size square you are left with is the size of your pillow.)  Your square would then be attached on the backside, at one end and in the middle.  You sew it on three sides, the edge, and the two sides going up from the edge. The last side is left open for the quilt to be folded into.  

      I hope to post some diy instructions for completing this task in the near future.

      Thanks again.

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